The Perry Township Police Department honored to announce the 2nd annual shop with a cop. This year’s shop with a cop is scheduled to be held on Saturday, December 12, 2020. 

Now you might ask, what is the "shop with a cop"?. Shop with a Cop is a program that pairs children and their families within our community with law enforcement officers to purchase necessities. Police Officers spend time with the children and shop with them at a local store and will act as a chaperone and companion throughout the day as they shop for items. 

The Shop with a Cop program is a great way to interact with members of the community who may otherwise hesitate to engage with police officers on a regular basis. It allows the children to see that police officers are individuals who have unique interests, goals, and families of their own and are here to help. 

By participating in the program, children gain a positive experience with police officers. It also allows officers to bond with the children and give them a different perspective on the role of police in a local community. Not only does this program give the families and officers an opportunity to develop fond memories of each other, but it also grows the public’s trust with law enforcement.

This program sounds wonderful, but what about COVID-19 and the uncertainties? “Americans across the nation have experienced harder times than usual due to COVID-19 and businesses being closed for an extended period or permanently. Thus, causing a finical hardship for families who have lost their job(s).” With the uncertainty of how things will be moving forward, Perry Township Police Department wants to ensure one thing, and that is Christmas will still take place. This includes food for Christmas dinner and of course presents for not only the children but their family as well. Please join us in helping make fond memories with families within our community.

Donations can be dropped off or mailed to:

3025 Johnsville-Brookville Road

Brookville, Ohio 45309

If you would like to nominate a family you may download the form by clicking the button below or fill out the e-form and submit below.

We appreciate your time and consideration towards our Shop with a Cop Program.





3025 Johnsville Brookville Rd.
Brookville, OH 45309

Montgomery County



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